FAQ for the /r/MakeUpRehab Reverse Rouge Challenge

General Questions

What is the Reverse Rouge Challenge?
A gamified way to track the amount of beauty-related products you finish. This can help you to use the products you've bought. After all, it is frustrating to spend money on something and not use it before it expires or goes bad.

How do I participate?
Sign up or sign in with your reddit account. Throughout the month, track the following:
1. The value of empties you used up, and the number of these empties
2. The value of purchases you made, and the number of these purchases.
Update your totals at any time.

What items count towards empties and purchases?
Anything beauty-related! Examples include, but are not limited to: makeup, skincare, fragrance, hair products, and beauty tools.

Can I count destashed items?
No. Reverse Rouge is designed to encourage you to use the products that you buy.

Tiers? What are those? How can I reach a higher tier?
In many stores, the more you spend, the higher your tier or status. This gamifies spending and encourages you to spend more. Here, we use tiers to gamify and encourage you to use your purchases. The greater the value of the products you finish, the higher your tier.

How can I support the site and ongoing development?
The easiest way is to contribute here. If you'd like to contact me before/after contributing, please PM me The money will be used for operations costs (eg: servers, backups, etc). Thank you so much in advance!

What value should I put in for deluxe samples (DS)?
Divide the cost per size of the DS vs cost per size of a full size.
Eg: full size is 100ml and costs $50. Your DS is 10ml, your DS value is $5 (1/10th of 100ml).

What value should I put in for foils?
You can do the same as with deluxe samples, or to make things easy just make them all $1.00.

What value do I use for pans within a palette?
If you want to finish the entire palette, put the palette's value. If you are trying to finish a pan within a palette, divide the cost of the palette by the number of pans.
Eg: Finishing 1 pan in a 10-pan $50 palette means that you have $5 worth of empties

Who created this app and how can I support it?
u/mesomerize. Here are more details on how you can support the app

I still have questions!
If they are about the challenge, please PM u/thatbrownelf.
If they are about this web app and/or anything technical, please PM u/mesomerize.

Some parts of the FAQ were adapted from the original Google Doc FAQ
This is the original Reverse Rouge challenge post.